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A Page for Our Updates and Stories of Collaboration

The Hope for youth uganda school poultry farm was completed in 2017, and provided both a source of protein for the children, and income which helped contribute to the administrative and academic costs by selling eggs. Unfortunately, the egg market fell out when a foreign low-priced egg came on to the scene, and raising the chickens for eggs was no longer profitable after the expense of their vitamins and food.

In place of the egg-laying chickens, we would like to establish a chicken farm for meat. Ideally, the farm would be 500 chickens and several roosters. We would need to build a new, fenced-in outdoor area and secure a starter kit of vitamins and feed.

This project helps Hope For Youth Uganda to become an independent, ongoing, viable, and self-reliant organization. The poultry is also a source of manure that will increase the yields of its gardens.

This project directly benefits the school children and staff members, while indirectly benefiting other community members including families of the students. The project cost includes the expansion of the coops, purchasing of 500 chickens, roosters, and supplies.

​Project Cost: 5,500 Ugandan shillings, or $1,500 usd

Checks can be sent to:
Charles Schwab
Payable to Youth Uganda
PO Box 982603
El Paso, TX 79998

In the memo section of the check,
please write account #8999-8089, Project: Elevated Toilets

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